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Today, many people already know about Pawit’s Royale Thai Cuisine. We invite you all to come and experience a wonderful culinary adventure and take a step into the exotic country of Thailand with us.

Pawit and his family bring the ancient, traditional method of preparing and cooking Thai Food to America. They have opened a truly unique restaurant in order to bring the amazing taste of Thai Food to Salt Lake, as well as to let us experience a part of the culture of Thailand.

When you step into Pawit’s Royale Thai Cuisine, be prepared to experience the wonderful world of Thai ambiance. The restaurant is adorned with exquisite and beautiful decorations, and you will also enjoy the wonderful flavor of fine Thai Cooking.

Come in today and enjoy the culinary adventure of a lifetime. Let us pamper you with our renowned service, visual delights, and a breathtaking selection of some of the finest Thai Food around. Enjoy!